Vitruvian Cyborg by Harzack is $11 today (8/31) at TeeFury

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Ich warte auf dich. Mon cher.

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I will not relinquish old age if it leaves my better part intact. But if it begins to shake my mind, if it destroys its faculties one by one, if it leaves me not life but breath, I will depart from the putrid or tottering edifice. I will not escape by death from disease so long as it may be healed, and leaves my mind unimpaired. I will not raise my hand against myself on account of pain, for so to die is to be conquered. But I know that if I must suffer without hope of relief, I will depart, not through fear of the pain itself, but because it prevents all for which I would live.

- Seneca -


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Mindless Self Indulgence - Witness

Happy anniversary.

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Melhor é serem dois do que um, porque têm melhor paga do seu trabalho.
Porque se um cair, o outro levanta o seu companheiro; mas ai do que estiver só; pois, caindo, não haverá outro que o levante.
Também, se dois dormirem juntos, eles se aquentarão; mas um só, como se aquentará?
E, se alguém prevalecer contra um, os dois lhe resistirão; e o cordão de três dobras não se quebra tão depressa.

Eclesiastes 4:9-12
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Fear Factory - Industrial Discipline

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New Messiah | Fear Factory | The Industrialist

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"Playing on one’s inner agency problem can go beyond symmetry: give soldiers no options and see how antifragile they can get.
On April 29, 711, the armies of the Arab commander Tarik crossed the Strait of Gibraltar from Morocco into Spain with a small army (the name Gibraltar is derived from the Arabic Jabal Tarik, meaning “mount of Tarik”).
Upon landing, Tarik had his ships put to the fire. He then made a famous speech every schoolchild memorized during my school days that I translate loosely: “Behind you is the sea, before you, the enemy. You are vastly outnumbered. All you have is sword and courage.” And Tarik and his small army took control of Spain.
The same heuristic seems to have played out throughout history, from Cortés in Mexico, eight hundred years later, to Agathocles of Syracuse, eight hundred years earlier — ironically, Agathocles was heading southward, in the opposite direction as Tarik, as he was fighting the Carthaginians and landed in Africa. Never put your enemy’s back to the wall."
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The Black Angels - Bad Vibrations

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